Installation of ZEN Wallet

Original Content by Spencer Whetstone on April 11, 2020



On your Android device install the ZEN Wallet from the Play Store. Search for zen wallet mobile app. See Figure 1.1.

Click the "Install" button. See Figure 1.2.

Open ZEN Wallet. See Figure 1.3

Set up a new PIN. Confirm PIN. See Figure 1.4

Click the "NEW WALLET" button. See Figure 1.5

Click the "Settings Menu." button. See Figure 1.6

Record your "Secret Phrase." You will have to have it if you ever need to recover your wallet. See Figure 1.7

Return to Main Menu


You can gain more screen space by toggling the "[" key. This will hide the sidebar. You can double-click an image to see a larger version.

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

Figure 1.4

Figure 1.5

Figure 1.6

Figure 1.7

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