Sending ZEN with ZEN Wallet

Original Content by Spencer Whetstone on April 11, 2020


Sending ZEN 

To send ZEN, click the Green Button and click the circled icon. See Figure 1.1.

You can paste an receiving Address directly into the "Address" field. You can click on the "Contact" button to choose from a previously created Contact. You can use the Camera icon in the upper right to use your devices camera to scan a QR code.

You can type an amount directly into the ZEN field. The balance in the current sending address is displayed. There is a "Max" button which will send all funds in the current address. Click "Send."

 See Figure 1.2.

The transaction was successful. The link will show you the transaction on the block explorer,. See Figure 1.3.


You can gain more screen space by toggling the "[" key. This will hide the sidebar. You can double-click an image to see a larger version.

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.3

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