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Horizen is building a technology platform with optional privacy features that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem to provide people with freedom and everyday usability.

Launched in May 2017, the leading-edge platform enables real-life uses beyond its cryptocurrency - ZEN, including the ability to deploy sidechains and integrate third party technologies.

Horizen is built upon an end-to-end encrypted system using zero-knowledge technology, over which communications, data, or value can be securely transmitted and stored. It is a platform for an ecosystem of products, services and businesses built upon a permissionless, decentralized blockchain.

Horizen’s current and planned products and services include:

  • ZenNodes - The largest node network with a multi-tiered node system
  • Sidechains - A generalizable model that allows you to build dApps and services on your own chain in any language and protocol
    • Zendoo - language and consensus agnostic, fully decentralized sidechain protocol leveraging ZK-Snarks
  • ZenDAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A provably fair & sustainable governance model
  • ZenChat - A secure messaging system. It can be used as a standalone app or embedded in a wallet
  • Mine ZEN - Equihash based PoW cryptocurrency, with max supply of 21M
  • Use ZEN - Optional privacy features allow ZEN users to take control of their digital footprint when purchasing goods or services
  • ZEN Faucet - An easy and risk free way to join the Horizen ecosystem. Free ZEN everyday for everyone
  • Academy - Created for the central purpose of sharing our knowledge and passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency with everyone - no matter their skill level
  • Store - Shop your ZEN style with the Horizen Official merch store for fashion, home goods and more

For full details, please visit the research page for all Horizen technical whitepapers.

For more information about the Horizen Sidechain Solution, please visit https://www.horizen.global/sidechain/

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