Super Node Requirements - FAQs

NOTE:  The requirements detailed may be added to, or modified at any time.

1IP addressing - zendEach Super Node zend instance MUST be able to establish connectivity, inbound AND outbound over a public IPv4 AND IPv6 address.
2IP addressing - nodetrackerEach Super Node nodetracker instance MUST be able to establish connectivity, outbound over a unique, IPv4 or IPv6 address. The IP address used for the nodetracker MUST be one of the two IP addresses (IPv4, or IPv6) employed by zend i.e. it does not need to be an additional unique IP address.
3DNS entriesDNS entries MUST be present for BOTH the IPv4 AND IPv6 addresses which are assigned to zend - therefore BOTH an A AND AAAA record for the Super Node FQDN are required
4CPU specificationSuper Nodes MUST have access to a 4-CORE CPU, virtual, or physical
5RAMSuper Nodes MUST have a minimum of 8GB of physical RAM
6Disk space

Super Nodes MUST have 100GB of available space (not including OS and main blockchain)

7Stake balanceThe stake transparent (t) address MUST hold a minimum of 500 ZEN to qualify for Super Node rewards and had not been used as a stake for a secure node. Funds MUST be kept in a transparent (t) address where you control the private keys
8UptimeSuper Nodes MUST achieve a minimum uptime of 96% of the reward period to qualify for rewards (for that specific reward period)

Super Node Requirements

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