Upgrading Tracker Software (Legacy - PM2/Monit)

Use this page for common commands used to upgrade the node tracker software running on Secure, or Super Nodes

  • Upgrading the node tracker
  • Check tracker status


Upgrading the node tracker
1Stop the running nodetracker process
pm2 stop 0
2Change directory to where the node tracker was cloned (~/nodetracker for the official guide) and update the git origin to use HorizenOfficial
cd ~/nodetracker
git remote set-url origin "$(git remote -v | grep origin | head -n1 | cut -d$'\t' -f 2 | cut -d ' ' -f 1 | sed 's/[zZ][eE][nN][cC][aA][sS][hH][oO][fF][fF][iI][cC][iI][aA][lL]/HorizenOfficial/g')"
3Update git with the new repository URL and retrieve the latest source code
git checkout -- package.json
git pull

NOTE: If git returns an error regarding any files run the following command (replacing 'filename' with the file returned in the error message) and repeat the commands above

git checkout -- filename
4Install the Node Tracker with npm
NODE_ENV=production npm install

Optional - Run nodetracker setup to update configuration settings

NOTE: The nodetracker only permits a single setting to be changed at a time between reconnects (IP, FQDN, T-Address, Stake Address)

  • Enter/Return through all settings not needing to be updated
  • To update stake address, see Change Staking Address
node setup.js

Start the nodetracker and check it's status
6Remove the old pm2 process for the nodetracker
pm2 delete 0
7Start the nodetracker process with pm2 and save it
pm2 start app.js --name nodetracker
pm2 save

Verify the status after restarting by following the logs and checking for valid output, exit by pressing CTRL + c

pm2 logs

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