Sphere 1 - Introduction to Sphere

Introduction to Sphere By Horizen BETA

Horizen is proud to present Sphere by Horizen, hereafter referred to as SphereSphere is a desktop application that runs on MacOS, Linux, and Windows 10.

Sphere is not a hosted wallet. Horizen has no means of restoring a Sphere account. Restoring addresses can only be done through restoring a wallet using the backup phrase.

Sphere combines flexible storage of your ZEN addresses, with a Horizen news feed, and convenient private messaging. The underlying privacy technology is zk-SNARKS.

Sphere is simple to install and upgrade. It can toggle between Light Mode and Full Mode.


Who Should Use Light Mode?

Users who wish to have their ZEN that resides in transparent address should use Light Mode. This means that the private keys are stored in an encrypted format on your hard drive.

Who Should Use Full Mode?

Users who wish to take advantage of the privacy features of Sphere should use Full Mode. This includes shielded addresses and private messaging. Keep in mind that once an account has been used in Full Mode, your previously encrypted private keys will be place in an unencrypted file, the wallet.dat. Providing encryption of private keys is on the roadmap for a future version of Sphere. See Figure 1.

License Agreement

Please read the following License Agreement
When you install Sphere, you must accept the terms of this agreement in order to proceed.

Beta Release And Disclaimer of Liability

This software is being released to the larger user-community for testing purposes. You are bound by the conditions of the Licensing Agreement.

Horizen will not be responsible for any damages, claims, or losses arising from the use of ZEN, including the actions or inactions or events related to third parties, security problems during the use of any ZEN-related software or service, technical failures during the use of any ZEN-related software or service, software or data corruption problems during the use of any ZEN-related software or service, or user errors during the use of any ZEN-related software or service.

Please report bugs or other issues to:


Software License

Statement on Source Code for Sphere by Horizen


Operating Systems



Windows 10


For specific requirements please refer to the following document:

Download Location


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Figure 1

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